The VR Apps You Will Love for Your Note 4

VR apps have now become quite common. Every now and then, you will find some amazing games and educational apps coming. These apps have been providing ultimate entertainment as they take you up close to the fictional world. In this article, we will specifically talk about VR apps for Note 4. If you have purchased a VR headset for Note 4 then you’re in for a treat.

Although we have discussed some popular Samsung VR apps in the past but as we just mentioned, there seems to be quite a variety in these apps. Every new launch and update in these apps comes with more advanced features. Therefore, reckon it’s worth discussing those updates as well. However, we will focus mainly on the new apps, the ones which we haven’t discussed before to give our readers something new to learn about.


VRSE is a great app for documentary and short filmmakers. YOU can now literally feel the intense situations and heart touching moments in a documentary. Also, it gives great insights about tourism as the viewers can experience the places from up close.


This app is being developed by the New York Times in an attempt to use the VR technology for reporting. The idea seems to be a great one as the viewers will can get a closer look at the happenings of the world. Especially for war struck regions, this app can be a great help as it will help common people understand the sufferings through which the victims might be going.

Other than that, it will also cover the entertainment section pretty well as the viewers will be able to feel what it’s like underwater and safaris.


Seene is a great app for 360 degree photo lovers. This app allows you to upload and share your 360-degree pictures with the world. It is basically a picture viewing app and works flawlessly to give the users the best viewing experience. For your VR headset for Note 4, this can be a great app.

Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard app is almost a compulsory app to have for a Google Cardboard VR headsets. This app gives an introduction to the users and helps them familiarize with their VR headsets. This app also features other VR apps that are compatible with the Google Cardboard.

A VR Headset You Would Love

Having seen some cool VR apps, we will leave you with one amazing VR headset for Note 4. The Eagle Eye VR headsets are one of the most talked about gadgets in the VR world mainly because of their features and of course their economical prices. It’s a handy gadget in many ways as it works with most smartphones in the modern days. Therefore, it will be a perfect VR partner for your note 4 as you can enjoy the latest games and movies through flawless and intuitive display that will take you into the virtual world.