//Attention! Virtual Reality Headset for Nexus 6 Available Now

Attention! Virtual Reality Headset for Nexus 6 Available Now


Nexus 6 is the successor to the Nexus 5 and it’s developed by Google and Motorola. There is also a Nexus 6p model, that is a result of the Google’s collaboration with Huawei. Both the models can provide a great virtual reality experience if used with an appropriate VR headset, but now we will talk a little about virtual reality headsets for Nexus 6. With its size, the Nexus 6 model can be categorized as a phablet (something between a smartphone and a tablet). All VR headsets that are available on the market can be used with smartphones that are up to 6 inches.
Knowing that the Nexus 6 is Google’s product, the users can always be sure that they will get the newest updates and applications right after their’s release. Virtual reality is a fast growing technology and it gets bigger with every new Android version. Many of the Nexus 6 users had some problems when they needed to find an appropriate virtual reality headset for Nexus 6, because the device by itself is a phablet, not a smartphone. The size of the device is 5.96 inches.
The Eagle Eye VR headset works great with devices that are at least 4.6 inches, up to 6 inches. The search for a great and suitable virtual reality headset for Nexus 6 can stop here. The Eagle Eye VR headset is modern, good looking, comfortable and provides a high-quality visual experience. It’s a great solution for those who cannot spend too much money on virtual reality equipment. So, we can proudly say that the problem with the virtual reality for phablets is solved. The best catch about the Eagle Eye smartphone VR headset? It’s cheap and still, one of the best low budget VR headsets available on the market.
Eagle Eye VR is bringing the virtual reality technology closer to you. If you already had some problem with finding the best virtual reality headset for Nexus 6, because of its size, you can give the Eagle Eye VR a try. Many of the satisfied customers are approving it. It gives you a clear picture of the virtual reality you want to experience, including virtual trips, concerts, games and so on.
Another good thing with the cheap virtual reality headset is that you can easily replace it when you get some new smart device that requires more advanced features. Many of us can’t spend hundreds of dollars for a VR headset, and it’s good to know that there is someone who still wants to give the users the virtual reality they love, without spending a lot of money. The Eagle Eye VR set is affordable and appropriate for those who love to experience some virtual reality. You can choose the model and color you want and wait until your virtual reality headset for Nexus 6 is delivered to you. After that, you can join the club of the very satisfied users who own a phablet and who had great virtual reality experience with our headset.