A  Perfect Note 3 VR Headset

Ever since VR technology has hit smartphones, the whole scenario has changed. Of course, with billions of smartphone users around the world VR apps and headsets have become a popular tech gadget of the modern age. The increasing demand of these gadgets has resulted in more manufacturers jumping into VR headset production and therefore, the competition has become even tougher.

While Samsung has its own Gear VR headset which is one of the most popular headsets going around in the market, we have one amazing cheaper alternative for Gear VR. In this article, we will take a look at Eagle Eye VR headsets. It’s a relatively new brand which seems to be giving quite a tough time to its competitors. It can prove to be the perfect Note 3 VR headset and here are the reasons why:


One of the biggest advantages of Eagle Eye Samsung VR headsets is the cost efficiency. As compared to other headsets which can cost you around 300 to 500 USD, Eagle Eye Headsets are available for just around $80. Now you might be thinking about quality but if your only need is to play VR games and use smartphone VR apps, then it’s just the right headset for you.

Strap in Design

Comfort is another great feature in these headsets. The headset features a neck and head strap that keeps the goggles perfectly in place all the time. If the headset doesn’t sit perfectly on the head, it can cause a few medical complications so double strapping is a good option to have.

Watching 360 Degree Videos and Images

It’s the era of 360. With 360-degree cameras around these days, everyone seems to be obsessed with omnidirectional videos and images. The Eagle Eye headset, therefore, becomes a great option to have as you can enjoy these videos in high resolution and details.

Works with Everything

Whether it’s your X-box or any other gaming console, Eagle Eye headsets work with most gaming consoles. It takes you deep into your favorite games so that you enjoy a complete action packed virtual reality experience right on your couch.

When it comes to smartphones, Eagle Eye VR headsets work with a wide range of smartphones. Any smartphone having a screen size of 4.6 to 6 inches will work amazingly well with this VR headset. Therefore, you can fully enjoy your favorite VR apps and games with this Note 3 and Eagle Eye combo.

Two Models to Choose From

Whether it’s the Google Cardboard or any other popular VR headset, you don’t have any choice of models. However, Eagle Eye VR headsets have two different models i.e. Black Noir and White Eve. Both the models have elegant design and they look quite stylish. Depending on your choice of color and shape, you can buy any of the two models without any difference in price or features.

Additional Gadgets

If you are looking for a complete VR gadget set then Eagle Eye has that too. You can buy VR headphones, gaming controllers and 360 Degree cameras and all of these in affordable prices.