//How to Experience VR without Spending Much

How to Experience VR without Spending Much

 LG-Virtual-Reality-Headset-priceVirtual headsets ,lately, have been called the next big thing. Truth be told, it is already a big thing as all the tech giants are working on VR one way or another. Take, for instance, Facebook buying Oculus for $2 billion. What does that tell you? Virtual reality has a lot of potential and people are going crazy after it. Thanks to the latest advancements in graphics, mobile, and motion sensor technology, virtual reality has gotten quite good. Still, it seems that VR is out of the reach for many for various reasons with one being affordability.

The LG Virtual Reality headset price is $200 which is quite high for an average smartphone user. Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are even more expensive. That just makes VR a far-fetched fantasy for so many enthusiasts. Although it is estimated that 500 million VR headsets will be sold by the middle of the next decade (2025), the heavy price tags on these items do not seem to be helping in making this a reality.

Virtual reality is one of the best things we have seen among the myriads of technological advancements. It takes the individual into a new world almost instantaneously and the experience is unlike any other. So why should such a thing be so costly? Luckily enough, there are affordable solutions helping to bring VR to everyone.

Eagle Eye VR Headset is Great Yet Affordable

Eagle Eye VR headset brings the best of VR at a modest price, less than half of the LG Virtual Reality Headset price. The best thing about this headset is that it can support all latest smartphones no matter what brand they are. VR experience should not be limited to a particular phone or brand and that is exactly where Eagle makes a difference.

With this stylish headset, you get to play your favorite games in VR and watch videos recorded using a  360 degree camera, all of this entertainment without paying a fortune. Despite the price, there is no compromise on technology as you get a crystal clear picture on the lightweight display and high definition sound for a complete and immersive VR experience.

The Play Store and App Store are brimming with content that supports VR and this content is only going to increase. In order to make use of this content, VR headsets need to be affordable and accessible. The Eagle Eye virtual reality headset LG G4 edition is also the best VR headset for Android phones and clearly a winner when it comes to exploring content. Moreover, it is easy to add features to it and upgrade it. Other versions available: (virtual reality headset for Nexus 6 | VR headset Galaxy Note 4)

Technology is only going to be pervasive if it is affordable and Eagle Eye is much more affordable than many other popular VR offerings. You get the same benefits, if not more, in much less than LG Virtual Reality headset price. More and more people are getting aware of the wonders of VR and they would ideally want quality, comfort and style at a modest price which is exactly what this headset offers with its two styles: Black Noir and White Eve.