//Jaw-Dropping VR Headset for Note 3

Jaw-Dropping VR Headset for Note 3

VR headset for latest Smartphone

Do you want to interact with the adventurous world of virtual reality? If so, then the VR technology has something to please you. This technology has virtually made it possible by bringing 3D effects to give a sense of real-world experience. A VR headset proves to be instrumental in creating a virtual world where you are completely detached from the real world. Now, the big question is which smartphone you use with the headset to get that real feeling in the 3D environment? You can try Eagle Eye’s VR headset for Note 3 and some other Galaxy series mobile phones that have high-end entertainment features.vr headset for note 3

VR headset – a gadget at your comfort:

Virtual reality entertainment devices have not only become cheaper and more accessible but also promise to take care of your comfort while viewing in your privacy. You are not required to visit the theater to feel the excitement of a 3D movie rather make a VR headset your own theater using a compatible smartphone as your screen. VR headsets are specifically designed to support 3D video and VR games that you can download from various online app stores. Eagle Eye VR headsets are there for both iOS and Android handsets that let you view in true 3D surroundings and explore something more in the virtual world without toiling too hard. Just place your iOS or Android-powered mobile phone into this headset and then get ready to experience a different feeling of the virtual world.

Get a compatible Smartphone for VR experience:

It’s not that all the smartphones are compatible with the VR headset. You can take expert advice in choosing the best mobile phone in this regard. Usually, the smartphones like iPhone 6 plus / 6s & 7, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus/ S6 Edge/ S5/ S4, HTC One, Xiaomi Mi3 & Mi5, Google Nexus 4/ 5/ 6, Lenovo K4 are perfect for the Eagle Eye VR gadget. The application of VR headset for Note 3 Neo of Samsung Galaxy as well as iOS smartphones can enhance your VR experience like never before. This combination will not let you feel fatigue and dizzy even after hours long viewing.

VR Headset features for smartphones:

Samsung Gear VR comes up with a range of headsets that are specifically designed to support the smartphones for virtual reality entertainment. Samsung Galaxy S3, S6 and Note 3, in particular, are much more durable gaming mobile phones. You can insert any of these phones into the headset and navigate the operation with the help of remote control system. The high-end VR headsets are equipped with a head strap so that you don’t have to hold it with your hands and you can adjust the distance of VR glasses to get a comfortable view. Moreover, this headset has proper vents to reduce overheating of your smartphone. Similarly, Eagle Eye offers VR headset for Note 3 and other editions of Samsung smartphones to cater your VR requirements. It can accommodate handsets with various display sizes, arguably 4.6 to 6 inches. It receives the 5-star reviews for its latest features for fantastic VR experience.