//Cross The Threshold with Our 3D Glasses

Cross The Threshold with Our 3D Glasses

It was only some time back that virtual reality seemed like a dream. But today it has become a reality, a reality that can be commonly experienced by all. We can perceive the most imaginable scenarios and can enjoy a fantasy time, through this technology.

Virtual reality glasses or goggles is part of this epitome of technological advancement and increasingly becomes popular in the cinematic and gaming industry. They are no more different than 3D glasses and work quite similar to how they work. These goggles provide the advantage of nearness and illusion and make you feel like you are living in the scenario.

3g-glassesWith time many advancements have been introduced to this technology. The head tracking system is also part of this advancement. The head tracking system works through a computer system.The computer system here acts as a manager. They move through the images and help the people give the best angle, as the user moves his glasses through the environment.

For example, if you are watching a picture or a video of a castle then glasses will help you, see the castle from different angles, which are not visible to the naked eye.

The head tracking system can be connected to the computer or is sometimes automatically connected to the glasses. The scene and the angles changes, as the user moves his head, he can see the images, more near to him. The tracking makes the image and as accurate as possible so that illusions don’t break down. It is interesting to know that the images the human eye see are not a single image. They are two images that are converted into a single image by these 3D virtual goggles.

When these images are combined with high-definition sound and background voices, the virtual reality becomes a dream.

It is sometimes observed that these connections of converting the image, to the virtual reality, breaks down. The signals do not reach the sensory system, or the images create distortion. This delay not only breaks the virtual reality but also creates sickness. As the process directly affects the brain, so you feel motion sickness, nausea, and headache.

Eagle Eye Vr is one such place of virtual reality that can take you to another world. The Eagle Eye VR gives 360-degree experience by the most powerful virtual reality headsets.The combination, of crystal clear virtual goggles and low weight display, gives you wide field view and make you feel yourself in the environment. The VR goggles of Eagle eye VR not only provide powerful images but also gives crystal clear sound.The immerse videos also make you see the videos like never before.

The virtual reality goggles also give easy fix and upgrades that let you add features and make your virtual reality feel like heaven.

3D virtual goggles are now commonly being used in cinemas and also come complimentary with gaming devices like PlayStation and Xbox. Also today people are buying them as separate sets so that they can convert their day to day images feel imaginary and beautiful.

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on one of these.